Protein Technologies is a world-leading innovator in the fields of recombinant protein manufacturing, protein engineering, biotherapeutics, biosensors, and bioreactors.

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DNA Synthesis to Protein Synthesis The World’s first diverse and affordable DNA to Protein Services.
From Mg to Kilogram Biotherapeutic Development and Preclinical R&D.

Protein Technologies Ltd. (PTL) is an award-winning, biotech company established in 2010. The company provides contract cGMP manufacturing and research services to the biopharma industry.

Since its conception it has received multiple awards and funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Wellcome Trust for its innovation in biotechnology

Protein Engineering Services

PTL provides a wide range of protein engineering services. Our comprehensive Gene-to-Protein-to-cGMP services allows expression of a desired protein using a diverse range of expression systems that include bacteria, plant, algae and mammalian cells, to produce highly pure protein in microgram to gram quantities varying from research grade to highly pure crystallography grade and to cGMP standard.

Our experienced scientists can engineer functional protein that can be expressed in the organism of your choice.

Preclinical Studies

Preclinical testing is essential prior to clinical trials to allow the investigation of the toxicology and pharmacology of a compound. PTL offers services that include pharmokinetics, pharmodynamics, ADME and toxicology studies as well as animal trials to assess the safe dosage and build a safety profile for your drug compound/s.