Clone Development

At PTL, we offer comprehensive stable cell line development capabilities. Our services range from gene synthesis to characterized cell banks. We undertake a milestone-based approach delivering high quality stable clones of your choice.

Clone development services for microbial, plant, micro algae and mammalian cells include:

Microbial (Bacteria, Yeast & Micro Algae)

  • Gene synthesis, codon optimization and cloning into suitable vectors.
  • Multiple hosts screening for identification of suitable host strain.
  • Expression & productivity analysis.
  • Stability analysis of selected clones.
  • Cell banking and characterization.

Mammalian & Plant Cell

  • Synthesis of codon optimized genes.
  • Cloning in suitable expression vectors.
  • Confirmation of protein expression by initial transient transfection trials.
  • Transfection and stable pool generation using suitable selection and amplification.
  • Clonal selection by limiting dilution and screening of clones.
  • Productivity and stability analysis of selected clones.