Custom Bioreactor Design & Build

PTL can support in the choice, design and build of the bioreactor that suits your needs, from lab scale up.

A brief overview of our off-the-shelf and custom designed bioreactors:

Autoclavable Lab Scale Bioreactors

Lab scale bioreactors are used for process optimization with complete controller system.

The Bioreactor Plus Biostat is a reliable and scalable Sterilizable-In-Place (SIP) stainless steel bioreactor/fermenter which can be used in industrial and academic research, microbial and cell culture applications, process development and optimization, scale-up and small scale production.

Culture vessels from 2L to 50 L working volume are available. A complete DCU controller integrated control of pH, temperature, DO, agitation speed, gas mixing, substrate addition and foam level.

Special bioreactors – Continuous Oscillating Baffle Flow reactors (COBRs)

COBRs are intended to provide optimal plug flow conditions even at laminar flow conditions, maintaining long residence times, necessary. They operate by means of tubular reactors that are fitted with periodic orifice baffles using superimposed fluid oscillation, thereby creating uniform mixing and ensuring that mixing and reaction stages are controlled to a very high degree of precision.

This enhances mass and energy transfer conditions and leads to consistent product qualities, the reduction of emissions and the most compact operational footprints and narrow and longer residence times than other tubular device, resulting in more compact designs.


Photobioreactors (PBR’s) feature a unique combination of the cultivator and monitoring device that facilitate better control of culture environment such as carbon dioxide supply, water supply, optimal temperature, efficient exposure to light, culture density, pH levels, gas supply rate, mixing regime, etc., PTL has developed a straight single tube photobioreactor compared to the conventional coiled photobioreactor on the market. Our design provides better flow control access each of the individual growth tubes to provide a more robust and resilient design.

PTL can design and manufacture custom PBR’s according to client requirements.

Benefits of PTL’s Photobioreactor

  • Among the largest in Europe, 500 litres semi-photo bioreactors producing one kilogram (dry weight) of algal product.
  • Unique modular design that can be increased to accommodate even larger scale growth runs, potentially up to industrial scale.
  • Quality of design ensuring quick and easy clean down between experimental ‘runs’.