PTL is a world-leading innovator in the fields of recombinant proteins, protein engineering, biotherapeutics, biosensors, and bioreactors, and assay development.  PTL operates from state-of-the-art laboratories at Manchester Science Park in the United Kingdom.

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Diagnostic Assay Development Recombinant protein production Fluorescent proteins

Diagnostic assay development in accordance with UK SMIs  

Step 1:

A systematic and extensive process that compares different diagnostic test methods designed to perform the same or similar functions.

Step 2:

According to ISO 15189:2012, our validation procedure will ensure through objective evidence, that the requirements for the specific intended use of your diagnostic assay has been fulfilled. Examining the whole process to check that results are correct and consistent,

Step 3:

Verification is the confirmation that your diagnostic assay is in complete compliance with regulations, requirements and any other imposed conditions.

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Years of Experience
Recombinant proteins produced

Evaluation, validation and verification of IVD methods for CE/UKCA registration

Delivering tailored development of molecular diagnostic tests for new medical platforms for the UK market.

Process Development

We deliver the rapid progress of your biologic candidate into production. We achieve this with our extensive process development capabilities, which are robust, reproducible and scalable.

Protein Characterization

Our Protein Characterization Services portfolio offers access to a broad range of support facilities allowing for structural integrity analysis to check for protein folding, stability and aggregation of all expressed and purified molecules.

Rare Deseases

Protein Technologies Ltd. is a leader in the area of diagnostics and drug development for rare or neglected diseases. Currently the company is working to develop effective diagnostic tools and therapies for certain rare diseases.

About Us

Protein Technologies Ltd. (PTL) is an award-winning, biotech company established in 2010. The company provides contract cGMP manufacturing and research services to the biopharma industry. Since its conception it has received multiple awards and funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Wellcome Trust for its innovation in biotechnology.

PTL provides a wide range of protein engineering services.  Our comprehensive Gene-to-Protein-to-cGMP services allows expression of a desired protein using a diverse range of expression systems that include bacteria, plant, algae and mammalian cells, to produce highly pure protein in microgram to gram quantities varying from research grade to highly pure crystallography grade and to cGMP standard. Our experienced scientists can engineer functional protein that can be expressed in the organism of your choice

PTL is a world-leading innovator in the fields of recombinant protein manufacturing, protein engineering, biotherapeutics, biosensors, and bioreactors. PTL operates from state-of-the-art laboratories at Manchester Science Park in the United Kingdom. Have a look at our major developments 

Protein Technologies and Manchester Science Partnership launch BiOspace

BiOspace was founded within the Manchester Science Park from a partnership between Protein Technologies Limited and Manchester Science Partnership. Ninety percent of biotech and med-tech companies experience failure within the first three years of launch due to the high financial burn rates in R&D, overheads and personnel costs. It has been estimated that…

Protein Technologies joins the fight against Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)

The project will examine protein aggregation biomarkers around this much mis-understood disease.  This 12 month project is being Funded by the Manx MSA Trust who would like to make the Island a hub for better diagnosis of this illness.  The project was initiated by Courtenay Heading of Jurby Wellness by calling on the Scientific expertise of: Protein Technologies headed by Dr…

NABAMA: Novel Agricultural Bioactives from Microalgae

Since the 1950s the use of chemical fertilisers has grown exponentially to cope with the increased consumption of food. The use of chemical fertilisers has led to environmental contamination, reduced biodiversity, disease prone plants, reduction of microbial organisms that support soil life, etc. Conversely, organic…

Protein Technologies pioneers world’s first ice crystal biosensor

Manchester Science Park based Protein Technologies Ltd (PTL), a specialist fluorescent protein development company, has produced the world’s first ice crystal biosensor, CryoRed, which indicates whether damage to items such as vaccines or organs has taken place due to ice crystal formation. In the cold…

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