The project will examine protein aggregation biomarkers around this much mis-understood disease.  This 12 month project is being Funded by the Manx MSA Trust who would like to make the Island a hub for better diagnosis of this illness.  The project was initiated by Courtenay Heading of Jurby Wellness by calling on the Scientific expertise of: Protein Technologies headed by Dr Farid Khan and CynapseDX headed by Damian Bond. The collaboration team is completed by Consultant Neurologist Dr Valeria Iodice along with her colleagues at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The ethics and Regulatory Compliance supervision is being undertaken by the Liverpool bio-bank for blood and human tissue in the UK, and it is hoped Manx patients will get an opportunity to take part, subject to Manx Ethics Committee recommendation and subsequent DHSC approval.

To date, the Manx MSA Trust has been generously supported by various sources, including corporate and private Manx donations.  This research project is the first step to gain a better understanding of the condition. Further funding will be needed to expand access to earlier diagnosis of this ’rare disease’ so as to more ably deal with the effects of MSA and to differentiate it from other diseases.  The Manx MSA Trust is an Isle of Man registered charity (number 1189) whose main aim is to share the experiences of living with MSA with the hope to make it less harrowing for patients and their families”

Multiple System Atrophy – Manx MSA Trust Funds Research Project