2012 – CryoRed – World’s first ice-crystal biosensor for use in the shipment of vaccines, biotherapeutics and regenerative medicine products.

2013 – DeepRed – A cancer drug that emits in the infrared spectrum for use as a diagnostic and photodynamic therapy for breast cancer.

2014 – Myrida – a revolutionary hand-held device for identification of drugs and ‘bioinks’ for track and trace and environmental monitoring system offering unparalleled levels of security, traceability and quality assurance.

2014 – Bioprospecting for novel fluorescent proteins in the coral triangle – a two year joint development project with Sabah Biodiversity Centre, Malaysia.

2015 – Rare Disease Therapy- Wellcome Trust-A novel Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) for sufferers of a rare disease called Alkaptonuria (AKU) otherwise known black bone disease. AKU was the first genetic disease identified by Garrod in 1902.